Loving Poetry

It may be good if readers find something other than math in this blog. So as an alternative reading, I have decided to include a category ‘poetry’ in this blog. This will provide my readers something other than math education. There are many who love poetry.

In the words of American poet Paul Engle

Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words

I have included this category in this blog because of my own love and association with poetry. Continue reading “Loving Poetry”

Some Ways You Can Help Your Studies

It is important that your study remains efficient and you spend your time well on it. This will make you learn more in less time. You will spent lesser time on your studies and will have more time for other activities.

It is also necessary that you attend to your examination. But never lose sight of the use of deep knowledge in practical life.

Remember knowledge is a pure human endeavor that no other living species on the earth is capable of. Good study habits help gain of true knowledge. Continue reading “Some Ways You Can Help Your Studies”

Tutoring Helps Fuller Teaching Experience

Though I have worked as a school teacher, tutoring individual students has been a great experience for me.

It has enabled me to use focused methods that suit the one student that I tutor at a time. In a classroom, on the other hand, consideration is to use methods that help best possible learning of all in a group of significant size. So the methods used are mixed and the focus of a teacher’s attention is all students in a classroom. Continue reading “Tutoring Helps Fuller Teaching Experience”

An Old Interesting Paradox

A paradox is a contradiction. Here is an old paradox

In a two boy race, one who runs slower is given a head start say of 10 meters. But how the one who runs faster can ever catch up with him. When the fast runner gets to the point where the slow runner started, the slow runner has moved ahead though by less than 10 meters. When the fast runner gets to this new position of the slow runner, he is ahead again by this time. In this way, the gap continues to narrow but always remains. Continue reading “An Old Interesting Paradox”

Write Neat and Clear Solutions to Math Problems

One of the students I tutored was a grade 8 student who aspired to study physics and engineering. His parents contacted me to work on problems with his math learning.

He had been good at math up to grade 5. Once in middle school in grade 6, he developed problems with math. His grades started going down.

I noticed two things in solution to math problems he carried out. He wrote solutions to math problems in a large letter size which lessened space between the successive lines in his work. This made his work look congested. Even worse, while writing with an ink pen, he cut his errors repeatedly and untidily. Continue reading “Write Neat and Clear Solutions to Math Problems”

Finding Equation of a Given Straight Line

Coordinate geometry combines algebra and geometry. The discovery of coordinate geometry was a very important stage in the history of math. It brought a higher order to math. It also opened avenues for further math development. To learn more read the article Introduction to Coordinate Geometry.

The figure below is a graph of a straight line. Let us see how to find out the specific algebraic equation for this line. Continue reading “Finding Equation of a Given Straight Line”

Overcoming Math Anxiety

Think wider, higher and original. As a teacher and tutor, I have often seen students getting caught up in a certain math area they have problems with. As a result, their problems worsen instead of improving. In case you have problems with a certain math area, it is necessary to avoid such lower entanglement.

Math is logical thinking about numbers and shapes. So to improve your math, you should improve your general thinking skills. Improve at things like asking questions and answering them, problem solving, organizing information and evaluating ideas. Continue reading “Overcoming Math Anxiety”

Amazing Problem Solving Capabilities of Math

Here is an often quoted statement by an American Mathematician S. Gudder

“The essence of math is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple”.

Math started as a problem solver and it is a great way of viewing school math. See the article entitled How Math Began.

Math is of enormous practical use. Living without math in prehistoric times was uncivilized, thoughtless and savage. It developed naturally as a necessity as living became more and more civilized. Continue reading “Amazing Problem Solving Capabilities of Math”

Solving Word Problems Using Graphs

Graphs are used to solve real world problems.


A new small business bakes and sells biscuits. The fixed costs of the business are $400. The cost of making each biscuit is $1. The business plans to sell each biscuit at $1.5. Using graphical method find out the following:

  1. Loss to business if 300 biscuits are sold;
  2. The exact number of biscuits that the business needs to sell to cover full cost;
  3. Profit made by the business if 1200 biscuits are sold.


Expenses = Fixed Costs + Cost of Number of Biscuits Made

So total cost y for x biscuits made is the equation

y = 400 + x Continue reading “Solving Word Problems Using Graphs”