How to Make your Math Learning Effective

Word problems are very important to school math. They teach math learners its use in real-world situations. Many of the math questions in school examinations are word problems.

Generally, for a math topic, underlying concepts are taught first. These are the laws and rules of the math topic e.g. what division is and how to do it. Then follows the teaching and practice of abstract problems of the topic e.g. 2450 รท 5. Lastly, word problems are taught and practiced. They are descriptive and based on real-world situations. A division word problem describes a real-world situation as a math problem to be solved. A student solves the problem by applying division. The solution to word problems requires the knowledge of both concepts and solution to abstract problems. Continue reading “How to Make your Math Learning Effective”

Negative Numbers are Opposites

Negative numbers are fundamental and useful mathematical ideas. They may be difficult to understand at first. Problems with negative numbers are common among school math learners. Students must know the basic facts about negative numbers. It is also equally important to practice math problems involving negative numbers.

Notion of opposites is very common to our experience. Word pairs like up and down, forward and backward, increase and decrease etc. are used to express opposites. In math + and โ€“ signs are used with numbers to express opposites. Any two exact opposites nullify each other to give a zero sum.

โ€“3 + 3 = 0

โ€“8 + 8 = 0


A number line is a geometric representation of positive numbers and their opposite negative numbers. It begins at zero and extends indefinitely either way. See that negative numbers are only to the left of zero and positive numbers only to the right of it. Continue reading “Negative Numbers are Opposites”

Introduction to BasicMathWritings

Welcome to BasicMathWritings. I am Naqvi – the creator of this blog. I have been a tutor and a teacher since 2001.

This blog consists of articles for post early childhood math learners especially grade 6 to grade 12 level learners.

Apart from school math learners, the content is relevant for other readers. Math tutors and math teachers may find the content good to read. Parents of school math students may also find the content helpful. It may help them guide their children better. Finally, any interested reader curious to know about math may find the content useful. Continue reading “Introduction to BasicMathWritings”