Introduction to BasicMathWritings

Welcome to BasicMathWritings. I am Naqvi – the creator of this blog. I have been a tutor and a teacher since 2001.

This blog consists of articles for post early childhood math learners especially grade 6 to grade 12 level learners.

Apart from school math learners, the content is relevant for other readers. Math tutors and math teachers may find the content good to read. Parents of school math students may also find the content helpful. It may help them guide their children better. Finally, any interested reader curious to know about math may find the content useful.

I have arranged articles by topic. Blog category names have been used to identify the main topics. This is much like chapter names in a book. Some topics have names of different areas of school math. Other topics are concerned with advice on how to improve math learning and get better math grades. Still others are concerned with information that is relevant and interesting e.g. history of math discoveries, humorous and funny math-related things, important photos and quotes, etc.

The blog has core math knowledge, advice for better math learning and interesting information about math. The three things are mixed throughout the blog. Titles of categories and articles show the emphasis which may be one or more of these.

This blog does not aim to deliver a textbook like learning experience. Many excellent websites are already providing textbook information and besides much more. My goal is to help math learning in many simple ways.

Articles include links for further reading and practice. Articles are independent and a reader may only read what interests him/her.

Know further details about this blog and me in the About section of the blog.

One of great things about blogging is a high opportunity for fruitful reader interaction. I am new to blogging though I have been tutoring and teaching for a very significant period.

Discussions can be of great help for improved math learning. They can help make math learning effective and quick.

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