How to Make your Math Learning Effective

Word problems are very important to school math. They teach math learners its use in real-world situations. Many of the math questions in school examinations are word problems.

Generally, for a math topic, underlying concepts are taught first. These are the laws and rules of the math topic e.g. what division is and how to do it. Then follows the teaching and practice of abstract problems of the topic e.g. 2450 ÷ 5. Lastly, word problems are taught and practiced. They are descriptive and based on real-world situations. A division word problem describes a real-world situation as a math problem to be solved. A student solves the problem by applying division. The solution to word problems requires the knowledge of both concepts and solution to abstract problems.

But it is also useful to view things the other way. You may view math concepts from the practical perspective of word problems. For example, think of many real-world situations of word problems that use the same operation of division. This emphasizes generality of division. It will also help you appreciate what division is. It always involves making a whole (dividend) into a certain number (divisor) of equal-sized parts (quotient or answer).

Each field of study has a terminology that forms its basis. For example, in math words like number, operation, function etc. are terms. A term has a specific meaning in math. Its meaning in math is related closely to its literal meaning. There are reasons behind names given in every science including math. So read carefully the literal meaning of a term before you study its meaning in math. You will invariably find a good sense behind every name used in math. Make sure you learn basic math terms well as soon as you are introduced to them.

Learn to raise questions in the classroom and your study group. Keep thinking of new questions and try to find good answers to them. This will improve your math learning. You will also learn what questions are more important and why.

Repetition is key to good learning. This may be verbal or written. Don’t memorize math examples but remember math concepts. Do verbal repetition outside regular study time. Do this repeatedly but only for short periods of time.

If you need extra help get it as soon as possible. This can help your learning stay smooth and your problems may end soon.

Your math learning would be helped if you follow instructions mentioned here. Comment on the post. Your valuable thoughts may be of help to others.

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