How to Get Good Grade in a Math Test

Set an easy goal first if you want your math grade to improve. Try to improve grades in individual tests. Then try for a better grade in a full math exam.

The contents of this post include two parts

  1. Preparing for a test
  2. Taking a test

Preparing for a Test

Begin preparing at the earliest. Go to your class after reading carefully the topic to be taught. If possible, mark the important things of the topic in your book. Try to identify the keywords. Know them as well as you can. Continue reading “How to Get Good Grade in a Math Test”

Uses of Plus(+) and Minus(–) Signs

+ and – signs have two uses in arithmetic

  1. As number signs
  2. As arithmetic operation signs

+ and – as Number Signs

As number signs, + and – are used to represent opposites. See one of my previous articles in this blog to read more about negative numbers as opposites.

As number signs, – and + are written just before a number. All numbers except zero are either positive or negative. Continue reading “Uses of Plus(+) and Minus(–) Signs”