Solving Word Problems Using Graphs

Graphs are used to solve real world problems.


A new small business bakes and sells biscuits. The fixed costs of the business are $400. The cost of making each biscuit is $1. The business plans to sell each biscuit at $1.5. Using graphical method find out the following:

  1. Loss to business if 300 biscuits are sold;
  2. The exact number of biscuits that the business needs to sell to cover full cost;
  3. Profit made by the business if 1200 biscuits are sold.


Expenses = Fixed Costs + Cost of Number of Biscuits Made

So total cost y for x biscuits made is the equation

y = 400 + x Continue reading “Solving Word Problems Using Graphs”

Introduction to Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate geometry is a very important area of math. It combines algebra with geometry. It is based on idea that algebra equations can be represented as geometric shapes. This blog also has algebra and geometry as two separate categories.

There is an amazing regularity between degree of equations and the geometric shapes they form. All linear equations in two variables give straight lines. Lines formed by linear equations differ only in their positioning in a coordinate plane. This article includes example problems involving only simple linear equations. Continue reading “Introduction to Coordinate Geometry”