Overcoming Math Anxiety

Think wider, higher and original. As a teacher and tutor, I have often seen students getting caught up in a certain math area they have problems with. As a result, their problems worsen instead of improving. In case you have problems with a certain math area, it is necessary to avoid such lower entanglement.

Math is logical thinking about numbers and shapes. So to improve your math, you should improve your general thinking skills. Improve at things like asking questions and answering them, problem solving, organizing information and evaluating ideas. Continue reading “Overcoming Math Anxiety”

Amazing Problem Solving Capabilities of Math

Here is an often quoted statement by an American Mathematician S. Gudder

“The essence of math is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple”.

Math started as a problem solver and it is a great way of viewing school math. See the article entitled How Math Began.

Math is of enormous practical use. Living without math in prehistoric times was uncivilized, thoughtless and savage. It developed naturally as a necessity as living became more and more civilized. Continue reading “Amazing Problem Solving Capabilities of Math”