Overcoming Math Anxiety

Think wider, higher and original. As a teacher and tutor, I have often seen students getting caught up in a certain math area they have problems with. As a result, their problems worsen instead of improving. In case you have problems with a certain math area, it is necessary to avoid such lower entanglement.

Math is logical thinking about numbers and shapes. So to improve your math, you should improve your general thinking skills. Improve at things like asking questions and answering them, problem solving, organizing information and evaluating ideas.

Improve your problem solving skills in all subjects that you study. Remember that you are mature enough and all such problems at school level are short and not that difficult. This also applies to math. Also learn to cope with the psychological side of your problems in learning math. Think positive, be well-organized and don’t lose hope.

It is necessary to practice math regularly. Practicing solution to math word problems can be of much help. See the related article entitled How to Make your Math Learning Effective.

Read simple money and everyday math word problems and try to find solutions to them in your head. Working on math in your head repeatedly for short periods of time can be very helpful. You can even think of creating simple math word problems of your own.

Focus on non-word problems. They relate openly to math theory and concepts. Learn math concepts, their organization and their interconnections. Improve your handling of pure math symbols and logic.

Know what math concepts are and don’t mix them with math applications. Math concepts are much less compared to its applications. You are required to learn and memorize math concepts only. They are then used to solve variety of a very large number of math problems.

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