Write Neat and Clear Solutions to Math Problems

One of the students I tutored was a grade 8 student who aspired to study physics and engineering. His parents contacted me to work on problems with his math learning.

He had been good at math up to grade 5. Once in middle school in grade 6, he developed problems with math. His grades started going down.

I noticed two things in solution to math problems he carried out. He wrote solutions to math problems in a large letter size which lessened space between the successive lines in his work. This made his work look congested. Even worse, while writing with an ink pen, he cut his errors repeatedly and untidily.

Both these things apparently may not look to be that important.

I advised him to change these two things. I asked him to reduce the letter size of his handwritten numbers and words to leave more space. I also asked him to use an ink eraser instead of cutting errors.

He was one of those learners who believed in making an active effort. In his case, even this kind of rather distant change proved to be important.

He made effort and I helped him on his way to improvement. He took some time in overcoming his problems.

Human beings are naturally at home with cleanliness and tidiness.

Math is thinking that is naturally very clean and neat.

Math solution to a problem has a logical flow. A clear mention and understanding of every step to the solution is important.

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