Tutoring Helps Fuller Teaching Experience

Though I have worked as a school teacher, tutoring individual students has been a great experience for me.

It has enabled me to use focused methods that suit the one student that I tutor at a time. In a classroom, on the other hand, consideration is to use methods that help best possible learning of all in a group of significant size. So the methods used are mixed and the focus of a teacher’s attention is all students in a classroom.

In terms of student learning, results of my classroom teaching were always mixed despite my best efforts.

My teaching job ended in 2010. Since then, I have been only a tutor. Initially I thought that tutoring without teaching would restrict not just my career but also my experience of making others learn.

However, experience has shown that there is a bright side to individual handling of students in tutoring.

I certainly miss the learning community of a school. But what tutoring especially helps is also the most important goal of a school i.e. to take care of a student’s learning in detail and in depth.

The number of students I teach has certainly gone down. But the quality of learning of my fewer students has improved.

Most of my students also attend a school. So I am required to build on what they learn at their school.

Lack of group support in tutoring can be compensated by group support at school. I often tell my students how they can make their group interactions at school more effective.

Tutoring is personal and close. It may mean a lot in personal care, support, positive influence, counseling and mentoring – all intended to improve learning. How positive human emotions can be and should be enhanced by learning and its love. Tutoring is human interaction and relationship at its best.

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