Some Ways You Can Help Your Studies

It is important that your study remains efficient and you spend your time well on it. This will make you learn more in less time. You will spent lesser time on your studies and will have more time for other activities.

It is also necessary that you attend to your examination. But never lose sight of the use of deep knowledge in practical life.

Remember knowledge is a pure human endeavor that no other living species on the earth is capable of. Good study habits help gain of true knowledge.

Here are some ways you can help your studies.

1) Study for short periods and have breaks

Don’t study for hours without a break. It may affect your concentration and vigilance. While studying, it is good to have a short break after a period like half an hour. Alternatively, you may have a break after studying a certain bit you assign as your goal. For example, a textbook topic or its few pages.

Also have planned extended breaks.

Such breaks will help you refresh yourself.

Give yourself a reward for achieving a significant study goal. Rewards are positive reinforcers that strengthen desirable behaviors. Size of the reward should match with the size of the study goal. You cannot fly out of the city on a vacation after completing study of a day.

2) Repetition

Repetition is very important to learning. You will develop better learning of things you often repeat.

3) Take Notes

Take notes in the classroom. Also make your own as you study yourself.

4) Do at least one other thing you love

This may be playing a physical sport like soccer, listening to music, chatting with friends, etc. Such desirable and forceful distraction will help you come back to your studies in force and spirit. But be careful to save enough time for your studies. Also make sure you do not attend to many such activities giving insufficient time to each.

5) Discuss with others

These may include your teachers or your fellow students. It will help you both academically and socially.

6) Manage distracting or anxious thoughts

Distracting and anxious thoughts are associated with studies commonly. Try to be opposite. Have related interesting and relaxed thoughts instead.

Discussing such negative thoughts with those close to you can be of help.

Try to broaden and deepen your perspective. For example, observe motion carefully to understand its laws. That was how great Isaac Newton could discover them.

See how the apparent is explained by the things that may not be obvious. This will help you relate your observation and experience to deeper underlying realities.

Internet is also a wonderful resource to help you learn how to polish your study skills. Knowing about them can be of much help to you.

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