Make Your Child Generate Math Word Problems

Your child sees you as an ideal and role model. He wants to see you happy and pleased.

You love your child and care for him. You should have same kind of attitude towards his studies and any problems that he is having there.

His studies is important to him. Both need and social pressure make it so. You realize this more than your child. It is very important that you handle his study problems with patience and accommodation.

You can help him in different ways to overcome such problems.

Math is one area of learning where problems are common.

Math may be improved either directly or indirectly. For example, you may improve algebra skills of your child by making him solve algebra equations. You may also improve his algebra by making him solve word problems that involve algebra equations.

Word problems need solution to real world situations using math. Practicing solution to word problems is important. They form an important part of most school math examination.

It is possible for you to help math learning of your child in ways that are rather unusual. This way you may help your child develop more interest in math.

One very important way to make your child learn is to appeal to his fun side while he learns. Children are fun loving. There are different ways that you can do this.

One way to do this is to make him generate math word problems.

A fun side to this is the change of role. Instead of word problem solver, he becomes a word problem writer.

He will chose real world situations of his liking in writing such problems. You may also suggest a situation that he may like to write about.

Writing is a fun activity for many people. The logic of written language is looser compared to the strict logic of math. Your child may find this loosening relaxing and motivating.

Word problems relate to many math concepts. The choice of real world situations is also very large.

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You are closest to your child. He lives with you. He depends on you. You can do a lot for the improvement of his math learning.

Learning of different areas is linked. Good learning of one area may help learning of another. After all good learning depends on good thinking and thinking underlies all learning.

Here is a link to an excellent Youtube video that can help your child getting started with creating word problems.

Click to see the Youtube Video

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