Why Parents Should Value Psychology

Psychology is the knowledge of human mind and behavior. This includes knowledge of child and adolescent behaviors.

You may think how much of psychology knowledge you need to take better care of your children. The answer is you don’t need much of it. Even some related helping tips on the internet can be of significant use.

Understanding of psychology is helped by observation of self and other human beings. Despite individual differences, there is a lot that is common to human behaviors. You can gain insight into this by observation and introspection. Another important thing to observe is the effect of environment on human behavior.

It is not just problematic situations where psychology helps. Such problematic situations often result in visits to psychologists or psychiatrists. But it is good if such problems are avoided in first place. As it is said, ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

You cannot go a psychologist over every minor thing. Your day to day handling of your child will improve with your knowledge of basic psychology. This will help your child think and behave better. This will also help avoid development of psychological problems.

There are many aspects to psychological care of a child. The rest of this article examines a few important ones in some detail.

First thing is to help him in becoming a good human being. There are many sides to this. But you can help this by providing good general psychological care. Teach him great human values and also how he needs to think and behave in the real world that is tough. How to be social and take care of oneself and others.

Try to keep the studies of your child stay smooth. Try to prevent the development of problems using your psychology knowledge and insight. In case of a problem, try to help him out early. If needed, you may hire a professional tutor or even see a psychologist.

Such problems can be intense with math learning. A student having problems with math often develops a strong dislike for it. This should be handled in the same way as is mentioned in the paragraph right above this one.

Help yourself and him accept realities. All humans are not born equal. Some have birth defects. Social inequalities too are a reality. Many children and born in poverty and don’t get proper school education.

Help your child direct his efforts in an area that suits him. He may have a talent for business instead of math. Try to be friendly and accommodating. Don’t force on him your will. Help him find his way and with making right decisions on time. See a related article on this blog entitled Help Your Child to be Independent.

Here is a link to an excellent Youtube video. It offers some excellent tips on helping a child’s behaviors by a parent.



3 thoughts on “Why Parents Should Value Psychology

  1. You’re right when you say the you can’t rush to a psychologist for every little thing. Today, internet provides solutions to minor behavioral problems with children. Or else, you can always rely on your elders to guide you with it.

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    1. Yes, experience of elders is very valuable. But scientific knowledge of basic applied psychology of the young can help parents guide their children better. It may be gained from internet, books and also observation of oneself and others.


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