The About section provides information about this blog and its author.

About the Blog

First a word about navigating this blog. It has a Contents menu as well as a Categories widget. You may use either for navigating the blog posts.

This blog is a collection of articles for math learners. Each blog post is an article with a title that tells about its contents. The learning level is post early childhood school math especially grade 6 to grade 12 math.

I have been tutoring and teaching since 2001. So I have included advice and ideas on how a learner may improve his/her math learning. A very important element of good math learning is to feel interested in it. My goal is to help math learning in many simple ways. Emphasis is on articles that are short and meaningful.

Articles include links for further reading and practice. Articles are independent and a reader may only read what interests him/her.

I have arranged articles by topics. Blog category names have been used to identify the topics. This is much like chapter names in a book. Some topics have names of different areas of school math. Other topics are concerned with advice on how to improve math learning and get better math grades. Still others are concerned with information that is relevant and interesting e.g. history of math discoveries, humorous and funny math-related things, good images and quotes, etc.

The blog has core math knowledge, advice for better math learning and interesting information about math. The three things are mixed throughout the blog. Titles of categories and articles show the emphasis which may be one or more of them.

This blog does not aim to deliver a textbook like learning experience. Many excellent websites are already providing textbook information and besides much more. As already said, my goal is to help math learning in many simple ways.

Apart from school math learners, the content is relevant for other readers. Math teachers and math tutors may find the content good to read. Parents of school math students may also find the content helpful. It may help them guide their children better. Finally, any interested reader curious to know about math may find the content useful.

I have lot of interest in writing about math. This blog is a means of satisfying this interest. I wish that my writings in this blog are helpful to many school math learners.

One of my goals of this blog is to present myself as a math and English tutor. I have been working as a traveling tutor since 2001. I have also been tutoring students at my home and online. But now I want to save my traveling time to share my experiences here in this blog.

By writing this blog, I also want to promote myself as a writer on math and English.

There are no restrictions on information in the blog. All the articles are available to any interested math learner on the web.

I give lot of importance to productive and useful reader interaction. This is a very important reason I have created a blog and not a website.

About The Author

My name is Syed Shams-uz-Zoha Naqvi. I am a tutor and a math teacher. I started tutoring in 2001. In the year 2004, I started teaching and thus became an education professional.

I am the sole author of this blog. All three elements of the blog i.e. math, tutoring and writing interest me greatly.

I have taught math and computer to classes from grade 6 to grade 12 at some top schools of my home city.

Teaching grade 6 to O Level math has been the main area of all my tutoring experience. I have also tutored English to many of my tutees.

I am available for tutoring math and English to school level students.

I am also available for tutoring English writing, English business writing and English speech.

I also tutor tests including IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, PTE, SAT general, ACT, GMAT, GRE general and CSS English.

I also tutor admission tests to schools, colleges and universities that include English and math.

I am also interested in getting paid writing work that relates to teaching and tutoring of math or English.

My fee is reasonable and negotiable.

I am available for tutoring online via Skype or at my home or at a student’s home.

I hold a Masters degree in Computer Science.

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I will be glad if you contact me to know anything more about this blog or me.

You are also welcome to contact me if you want to hire me as a tutor or writer.

You may contact me using the contact form of the blog or at the email address given below