Some Ways You Can Help Your Studies

It is important that your study remains efficient and you spend your time well on it. This will make you learn more in less time. You will spent lesser time on your studies and will have more time for other activities.

It is also necessary that you attend to your examination. But never lose sight of the use of deep knowledge in practical life.

Remember knowledge is a pure human endeavor that no other living species on the earth is capable of. Good study habits help gain of true knowledge. Continue reading “Some Ways You Can Help Your Studies”

Write Neat and Clear Solutions to Math Problems

One of the students I tutored was a grade 8 student who aspired to study physics and engineering. His parents contacted me to work on problems with his math learning.

He had been good at math up to grade 5. Once in middle school in grade 6, he developed problems with math. His grades started going down.

I noticed two things in solution to math problems he carried out. He wrote solutions to math problems in a large letter size which lessened space between the successive lines in his work. This made his work look congested. Even worse, while writing with an ink pen, he cut his errors repeatedly and untidily. Continue reading “Write Neat and Clear Solutions to Math Problems”

Overcoming Math Anxiety

Think wider, higher and original. As a teacher and tutor, I have often seen students getting caught up in a certain math area they have problems with. As a result, their problems worsen instead of improving. In case you have problems with a certain math area, it is necessary to avoid such lower entanglement.

Math is logical thinking about numbers and shapes. So to improve your math, you should improve your general thinking skills. Improve at things like asking questions and answering them, problem solving, organizing information and evaluating ideas. Continue reading “Overcoming Math Anxiety”

Amazing Problem Solving Capabilities of Math

Here is an often quoted statement by an American Mathematician S. Gudder

“The essence of math is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple”.

Math started as a problem solver and it is a great way of viewing school math. See the article entitled How Math Began.

Math is of enormous practical use. Living without math in prehistoric times was uncivilized, thoughtless and savage. It developed naturally as a necessity as living became more and more civilized. Continue reading “Amazing Problem Solving Capabilities of Math”

How to Get Good Grade in a Math Test

Set an easy goal first if you want your math grade to improve. Try to improve grades in individual tests. Then try for a better grade in a full math exam.

The contents of this post include two parts

  1. Preparing for a test
  2. Taking a test

Preparing for a Test

Begin preparing at the earliest. Go to your class after reading carefully the topic to be taught. If possible, mark the important things of the topic in your book. Try to identify the keywords. Know them as well as you can. Continue reading “How to Get Good Grade in a Math Test”

How to Make your Math Learning Effective

Word problems are very important to school math. They teach math learners its use in real-world situations. Many of the math questions in school examinations are word problems.

Generally, for a math topic, underlying concepts are taught first. These are the laws and rules of the math topic e.g. what division is and how to do it. Then follows the teaching and practice of abstract problems of the topic e.g. 2450 รท 5. Lastly, word problems are taught and practiced. They are descriptive and based on real-world situations. A division word problem describes a real-world situation as a math problem to be solved. A student solves the problem by applying division. The solution to word problems requires the knowledge of both concepts and solution to abstract problems. Continue reading “How to Make your Math Learning Effective”

Introduction to BasicMathWritings

Welcome to BasicMathWritings. I am Naqvi – the creator of this blog. I have been a tutor and a teacher since 2001.

This blog consists of articles for post early childhood math learners especially grade 6 to grade 12 level learners.

Apart from school math learners, the content is relevant for other readers. Math tutors and math teachers may find the content good to read. Parents of school math students may also find the content helpful. It may help them guide their children better. Finally, any interested reader curious to know about math may find the content useful. Continue reading “Introduction to BasicMathWritings”