Geometry at Work

A triangle is a simple geometric shape. All triangles are closed and flat. They have three straight edges and three corners. There are lot of variations to how triangles may be drawn. Here are some images of triangles that differ in shape.


Regularities to triangles are identified as their geometric properties. Each type of geometric shape has specific geometric properties that always hold. These are like rules of geometry. Continue reading “Geometry at Work”

Euclidean Geometry

Euclid was a Greek mathematician writer who lived around 300 BC. He wrote the most famous math textbook of history. He named his book ‘Elements’.

Elements continued to be used as a standard geometry textbook for 2000 years. Scientific geometry could not advance significantly during this period.

Geometry that is taught at secondary schools still bears the name of Euclid. It is called Euclidean Geometry. More advanced non-Euclidean geometries began much later during the 19th century.

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