An Old Interesting Paradox

A paradox is a contradiction. Here is an old paradox

In a two boy race, one who runs slower is given a head start say of 10 meters. But how the one who runs faster can ever catch up with him. When the fast runner gets to the point where the slow runner started, the slow runner has moved ahead though by less than 10 meters. When the fast runner gets to this new position of the slow runner, he is ahead again by this time. In this way, the gap continues to narrow but always remains. Continue reading “An Old Interesting Paradox”

Real Beginning of Math

Making discoveries is as important to math as it is to science. What a great brain it must have been that made the first math discovery.

Do you know who made the first math discovery? When  was it made and by whom?

Thales (624-546 BC) was the first to make a math discovery. He started the development of math as a science. He was a Greek mathematician, philosopher and astronomer. Before him, math was all about practical applications like counting, land surveying and making measurements for buildings that were to be constructed. Continue reading “Real Beginning of Math”

How Math Began

Math began with counting. Counting is a basic need. Prehistoric men led a simple life. Their need for counting was limited. They had names only for the first few counting numbers. For a greater count, they had the notion of many.

They might have used more difficult ways of keeping a count than we use today. To keep count of animals, herdsmen might have marked each animal against their fingers or toes. Pebbles or sticks might have enabled them to keep an even greater count by matching. Continue reading “How Math Began”